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Do you have Harmony in your life?

Stressed or Angry?

Holding Resentments, Grudges?

Are you living Your Dream?

Spirit Camp of The Heart is place of exploration, learning and making application of tools to achieve goals that you set, learn how to create inner peace and experience Harmony in every area of your life.
"Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives"
Caution: I understand, accept and agree that the information and tools offered in this site may result in my losing some or all of my fear, false pretenses, unhappiness and stress,
And may also:

Stimulate, encourage and motivate me to move the focus of living my life into what is best described as “The Path of Heart” as opposed to living from my mind alone.

Knowing that my life may change, e.g:  better health, relationships, joy, income and fun in life, I agree to accept the challenge and enter this site, SPIRIT CAMP OF THE HEART, and hold no one but myself responsible for my life.


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